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Feed The Poor

Feed The Poor

Due to poverty or emergencies, there are many people who face food shortage and require urgent assistance to meet their basic living needs.

We provide food packs to the needy families that would last at least a month in situations of emergency. Where possible, we also continuously assist the very needy families who may not be able to afford to have a meal in their home.

Due to your generosity, we are able to feed hundreds of families during emergencies in different parts of the world every year.

Ramadan Packs / Fidya and Fitrana – Ramadan is the month of Fasting and Charity and it is the month when we as Muslims give the most. We provide needy Muslims with food packs so that they may have a pleasant fasting month. This package contains flour, rice, sugar, tea, dhal, cooking oil, Juice cordials, dates and other eating items. It can feed an entire family for the whole month.

We also utilise Fidya and Fitrana to provide hundreds of families with food or food packs in Ramadan and prior to Eid. We also do iftar to feed the poor and needy through our sponsors.

Please browse our recent campaigns page to view the types of assistance that has been recently provided.